Resolving Mail Forwarding Issues

How do you get your mail forwarded when you are not sure of where you will be living? It is easy when you move from one permanent address to another. You go to your local post office or go to the USPS website and you will get your mail forwarded from one address to another. They can do this indefinitely and you can eventually change the address with any person or company that may send you mail. Then all your mail goes to the new address automatically. But what if there are a few months where you do not have a new and permanent address?

You cannot exactly get mail to your old address and you cannot keep giving a new address every week or ten days. What you need is a semi-permanent nyc mail forwarding solution, and a PO Box can help in a big way. What you do is that you will get a PO Box at a location that makes sense for you, and then you can go to USPS and get the mail forwarded to the PO Box indefinitely. You can even give it out as an address in the future, and your previous mail will also start coming into the PO Box automatically.

You may wonder how you can get larger mail and packages into a small box. It is simple. What you do is that you will go to the PO Box location during their business hours, and you will ask if they have any packages under your name or box number. They will let you know, and if there is something, they will give it to you right there and then. Make sure you go during business hours, as no one will be there early in the morning or at night. You can only access the box itself during those hours.